A paradigm shift has occurred in how people consume music resulting in declining sales
in favor of on demand streaming. Therefore, all downloads of my older releases are free on my website.

Most of my catalog is available on the streaming sites.
Paul Speer Radio can make for enjoyable listening.

I only have two CDs that are still in print. Ax Inferno and Hells Canyon and are only
$5.00 each + $2.50 domestic shipping.  I also have a few Oculus DVDs left and are also $5+shipping.

If you want a CD of an album that is out of print, message me as I do have
small quantities of some titles in the catalog. Please note that many CDs and DVDs can be found
on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Discogs. 

New Album April 10, 2020.


This is from one of my live internet concerts in my private studio.

  (Photo Credit: Bruce Burkholder)

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